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Shamballa NIRVANA

Shamballa NIRVANA

SKU: 11103

Shamballa Eyewear is designed and produced by Larry Sands, who is “credited for creating the luxury eyewear market and making it the height of fashion” (World Press February 2009). Sands brought the fashion world widely known eyewear collections including Matsuda, Kieselstien Cord and Chrome Hearts.

Shamballa Eyewear is a collection inspired by the ancient tradition of Yoga and Meditation. Shamballa Jewels is known worldwide for its unique designs and use of luxury materials. The Star of Shamballa is a declaration of premium quality and craftsmanship. The Eyewear and Jewelry collections aspire to encourage the possibility of connection to our inner compassion and wisdom.

Shamballa Eyewear brings glamour back to the luxury eyewear market. The body of the frame is produced in Japan. The sun lenses are Zeiss and provide 100% UV protection. The leather trim is exotic Italian leather. 

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